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Providing Insurance you need at prices you can afford

By representing so many Insurance companies, we can provide a complete analysis of your policy and compare it with all of our carriers assuring you have the right coverage at the best price. We will make sure all possible discounts are applied to your policy to maximize your savings. When applying for auto Insurance in Endwell, New York, liability, medical payments, uninsured motorist, personal injury protection, comprehensive and collision limits will be explained in detail. We understand how important those coverages are.

Your home is usually the biggest purchase you will make and is your most valuable asset. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we have the home insurance specialists that can tailor a package to your needs and risks. We will evaluate your insurance limit based on your home’s specific characteristics. We have access to many top rated companies to find you the best fit at a fair price. We can quickly compare rates to ensure you don't have any gaps in coverage down the road. A comprehensive plan will cover you financially if you have a loss due to fire, theft or other events, in addition to the event if someone is injured on your property. Your policy can cover valuable possessions such as jewelry and antiques.

Flood damage can be devastating for any family, and most flood losses are not covered by your standard home insurance policy. Also, don't rely on the federal government to assist you in the event of a massive flood situation.Your standard New York flood insurance policy would apply to homes, condos, mobile homes, businesses and rentals that are in flood zone areas. Typically, your flood insurance policy is dependent on your flood zone riskWe have multiple options for your flood insurance in New York:  Building, contents, replacement cost coverages,Different coverage options available,Standard flood insurance coverage,Optional excess flood coverage,Affordable rates

We are a New York based insurance agency that specializes in motorcycle coverage. We will shop the best motorcycle insurance companies in New York to find you the best coverage at an affordable price. You can either fill out our online quote form or contact us for a free, no-obligation quote. Insurance companies will take into consideration many different factors when insuring your motorcycle in New York. One company is not always the best fit for everyone, that is why we compare companies for you. These factors include: -Driving record,  -Credit History, -Your Age, Address, -The Type of Motorcycle, -The Number of Drivers

As your Independent Insurance Agency in Endwell New York, we have connections with some of the top rated insurance companies which allows us to find competitive rates and the right coverage for your toys. Recreational vehicles provide a lot of enjoyment but also bring with them some unique risks and exposures. We can help protect you.

At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we can provide insurance coverage for your ATV, Jet Ski or off-road vehicles in Endwell and throughout the state of New York. If you own an ATV or off-road vehicle, you need to make sure that you have the right coverage in case of an accident or loss. While some homeowners insurance policies may cover certain liabilities, in most cases New York residents need an additional ATV policy to give them the complete coverage they need.

Driving and taking care of a Motor home/RV is very different from a car or truck. So, don't make the mistake of trying to insure yours with a traditional "auto" insurance policy. We've been helping RV/Motor home enthusiasts in Endwell and throughout the state of New York for years. You know the outdoors and the open road. We know Insurance!

At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we can offer a wide variety of coverages and options for your boat, jet ski or personal watercraft. Some boats or smaller watercraft may even be covered under your current homeowners policy. The size, type and value of your boat, personal watercraft or jet ski will be part of the determining factors in evaluating your New York insurance coverage needs. Let one of our experienced agents give you the coverage you need and recommendations to best fit your situation.

Umbrella insurance is there to protect you if you are liable for something big. Similar to an umbrella, it is there to fill in coverage caps that you may have from your other insurance policies. For example, if you're in a big car accident and need to cover replacement and medical costs, umbrella insurance can help with these extra costs. Instead of just having your normal auto insurance coverage, New York umbrella insurance gives you the additional coverage you may need.

You may be speculative why it's necessary to hold a renters insurance. Rental properties, particularly apartments are thought-about risky once it involves potential claims. You share a building with plenty of individuals where fires, theft, and water harm are sometimes frequent. There are many potential risks and your property is in danger. The items you own are valuable and you should shield them from a loss. Besides, renters insurance in most cases is extremely cheap.

At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we provide comprehensive Business Owners Policy (BOP) insurance to many businesses in Endwell and throughout the state of New York. A BOP combines all different coverages into one policy to protect your small to medium-size business assets. We can tailor a package to fit the needs of your industry. Many industries have specialized packages for their business owners policies. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we can evaluate the needs of your industry and give a customized option that covers your needs and is specific to your industry.

Commercial Property insurance covers the building that your business owns or rents. A New York commercial property insurance policy would also cover equipment, computers, tools and furniture. Let the agents at Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC evaluate your commercial property insurance needs to find the best suite for your liabilities and risks. We can also tailor a broad protection policy to fit your commercial property needs. Our goal is to design a package to fit your specific risks and get your business up and running if disaster strikes. We can then provide you with a customized plan that takes into consideration your needs, past loss history, prevention efforts and precautions you have taken for safety control.

Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC specializes in providing contractors general liability insurance and other coverages vital to contractors including builders risk insurance, commercial auto coverage, and insurance for tools and equipment. New York Contractors Insurance can be very confusing at times, so we are here to assist you through the process of selecting the right coverage from the right company. We have many companies to find you the best possible coverage at an affordable price. We have many years in the Construction insurance industry to evaluate your risk and solve the coverage needs of your construction company.

New York Hotel insurance can help protect your business, your guests, staff, and property and provide a safe and satisfying experience to people who come to stay at your establishment. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we understand the risks involved in this industry and can assist you with the coverage you need at an affordable price. Hotel Insurance packages are designed to cover the specific needs of a hotel. Your unique New York hotel insurance risks can be analyzed by our trained professionals to design a package of specific coverage solutions for your Hospitality Business.

If you've chosen to enter the Jewelry business then you appreciate attention to detail. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we understand the unique insurance needs of the Jewelry industry. Whether you own a Jewelry Store in Endwell, operate as a wholesaler or have a Jewelry Appraisal business somewhere in the state of New York, we have the experience and Insurance Company relationships to help you protect your assets. In addition to offering Jewelers Block coverage we can tailor the right package to fit your specific needs.

Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC caters to the insurance needs of today's restaurant owners in Endwell and throughout the state of New York, offering quality coverage unique to the industry. Designed for full-service fine dining and family restaurants, our value is straightforward...we can better serve you because we specialize in and understand the restaurant industry.
- Bars & Taverns

At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we can help you find the right coverage at a fair price for your truck or trucking insurance needs in Endwell, New York including the Binghamton, Johnson City, Norwich, Town of Union, and Village of Endicott areas. We work with some of the top rated companies for your commercial truck insurance policy and tailor a package that meets your truck and trailer needs

During the course of construction, New York contractors, whether large or small, have different risks. Therefore, contractors throughout New York need a professional insurance agent to determine those risks. Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC has been helping many contractors and builders to assess these risks and insurance needs. A builders risk policy protects builders and contractors from losses to property and financially in the event of an incident. Losses may occur to the property or structure but may include the materials used on the job site. Our agency can help protect you in the event of a fire, flood or theft. You may also opt to have additional coverage in the event of losses due to project penalties or unexpected costs, like taxes.

Commercial Auto Insurance insures your vehicles for physical damage and liability coverages for amounts, situations, and usage not covered by a personal auto policy. This type of business insurance covers a variety of vehicles and is also referred to as commercial car insurance, truck insurance, or fleet insurance. Our agents at Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC will help you find the best coverage you need for your business.

In today's business world having a New York General Liability Policy may not be enough. Depending on the type of business you operate, you could be at risk from one of the increasing number of lawsuits that are filed each year or some other unforeseen occurrence. Commercial Umbrella Insurance is intended to pick up where your General Liability, Commercial Auto or Employer's Liability policies leave off. So, your Commercial Liability policy won't "kick in" until your other policy limits have been reached. Not having enough coverage for your business in Endwell, New York and surrounding areas could leave your business vulnerable.

Every business needs to protect themselves from accidents or injuries that may occur on their business grounds. General Liability insurance coverage can protect your New York business from these unexpected expenses. There are many different plans and options when choosing a General Liability plan, and our experienced agents at Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC can assist you in finding the right plan at the right budget. If you have the right liability insurance plan in place, you can be protected if you face a lawsuit. Certain New York businesses face more risk of accidents or injuries, so doing an analysis of your business can help in finding the best General Liability plan that fits your needs. - Electricians  - Plumbers

New York Inland Marine insurance was first created to cover goods transported over water. Now this policy has expanded to cover goods on land and is offered for Commercial or Personal property. If you have valuable property that is transported from place to place on a regular basis, an Inland Marine policy from Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC is an optional coverage which provides higher limits

Professional Liability Insurance or PLI is a form of liability insurance necessary to help protect businesses in the service or consultant industry. A claim of negligence can be very damaging to a growing business and if the claim results in monetary damages can be catastrophic. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC we have the experience and expertise to evaluate the risks associated with your service or consultative related business or profession in New York and provide appropriate coverage through one of our highly rated insurance companies.

If you're planning a special event in New York, we have special event insurance to protect against those unexpected incidents. At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, we can tailor a package that will cover your wedding, rock concert or athletic competition. We can use different insurance companies to find the right coverage for an affordable price for your New York special event. We can tailor a liability policy to cover either your entire event & organization or your staff or participating individuals. We can also find policies that include liquor liability that may be needed at weddings if the venue requires coverage for staff or bartenders.

At Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC, having a workplace that is protected gives you extra security. As a New York employer, you have an obligation to ensure a safe work place and the law requires a business to have Workers Compensation Insurance. Work Comp insurance can provide the coverage to protect you from those unpredictable occurrences. Harter Hill Insurance Agency LLC can offer many different programs for different industries in New York, in order to customize a package that fits your needs and industry. We take a proactive approach to our clients' Workers Compensation challenges. We will work to reduce your insurance costs, thereby saving you money this year and years to come. Coverage and benefits can be obtained for the worker no matter who is at fault. For those workers injured in the workplace, medical expenses and income replacement may be necessary. Our network of companies and experienced agents can analyze your New York work comp insurance needs. By contacting us today, we can assist and guide you through these complicated steps